the state of being a partner or partners.
“we should go on working together in partnership”
synonyms: cooperation, association, collaboration, coalition, alliance, union, affiliation, relationship, connection

The Partnership for Children was established in 1998 through collaboration, a joint venture of Intermountain and Youth Homes to deliver services in the Missoula area to address the permanency needs of traumatized latent aged children. These two non-profits wanted to take from the best of both organizations to deliver evidence-based treatment for this age group and in the most normalized community-based setting.  Read Our Story for a detailed history of the Partnership for Children.

Other Collaborations include:

Hawthorne School:  A public elementary school, within Missoula County School District 1, located less than a half mile to Our Children’s Homes.

hawthorne schoolMost of our Children’s Home residents attend this school and participate in a school-based mental health service established to meet the mental health needs of our children and other who attend this school. The Western Montana Mental Health Center joined us in establishing these services in Hawthorne School in 1999.  PFC Staff are invited into the school so that school staff can be educated as to our approach to treatment and to help faculty there in dealing effectively and consistently with our children.