Our Mission, Vision, and Values

valuesandmissionMission Statement

Our Mission is “to provide therapeutic care and support for the safe and healthy development of children and families.” 

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to assist children in healing and succeeding in permanent and family placements.


Partnership for Children provides relationship-based care to create a sense of security, connection, and belonging for each child.


We work with children who have experienced significant early childhood trauma. Our relational developmental treatment approach is based on the belief that healing and growth for children comes through healthy, trusting adult/child relationships. A child’s emotional development can be stunted or negatively affected by the violence or neglect in their young lives, and so we help parents and caregivers to identify and address the need that is being expressed through difficult behaviors.


The children in our care like to play tag, kick a soccer ball, and help with making dinner. They wait for the tooth fairy, forget to hang up their coat, and hope for the biggest piece of birthday cake. Unfortunately, these children, ages one to 14, also have adult-size worries. They have experienced significant early childhood trauma—abuse, neglect, exposure to drugs and alcohol, and homelessness. Loss is a common theme for these children—loss of family, safety and the freedom to be a child.