Voices: From Our Families

“Without Partnership for Children, I would have given up on some of the problems I was having with my granddaughter.”

“Partnership for Children has been very valuable in helping to assist us with our needs. Our Treatment Coordinator finds answers for us, provides family support, and helps formulate a plan for issues that have come up. She is timely, dependable, a good listener, and overall monitors our needs to include the whole team.”

“Lulu is a bright, playful, smiley ten year old girl. Yet, when we first met her she was quiet, lethargic, and disconnected to her surroundings. She had nightmares, she ate compulsively, and was almost unresponsive to touch. Partnership for Children came to our home weekly to support Lulu and our family. We learned with their help what her core needs were, and how her behaviors connected to them. We offered her daily doses of positive reinforcement, healthy physical affection, and developed a plan that motivated her behaviors. We are so proud of the work Lulu has done in our home. She graduated from special education services at school, built successful relationships, and we see her navigate her life with new skills. We still have many struggles as a family, but healing happens every day and we continue to grow.”

“As parents we do not feel so alone. We feel there is actually someone else that understands what we deal with 24/7.”

“I love everything Partnership for Children has helped me with. I like their support most of all. I like that I can contact them at all times 24/7.”

“We don’t feel judged, and our feelings, concerns, and needs are validated by the staff.”

“Sharing stories with our Treatment Coordinator has given us a platform to brag on our wonderful daughter.”

“Our job as foster parents would not be as successful without Partnership for Children’s support.”