Foster Care

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 Currently we are aware of more children in need a foster family than families available. This disparity increases every year. Children in our care come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Many have experienced abuse, neglect, trauma or loss that negatively impacts their ability to trust or form healthy relationships with adults. By becoming a foster parent, you can create a sense of security, connection, and belonging for a child.

Becoming a foster family with Partnership for Children ensures you the opportunity to provide temporary or permanent homes to children who’ve grown up knowing abuse, neglect, and crisis.  The children in your care have been referred to Partnership for Children by Child Protective Services, Tribal Social Services and other agencies helping children at risk.


  • Missoula


    2825 Stockyard Rd. A-11 Missoula, MT 59808 Phone: (406) 543-5531 Fax: (406) 541-5532

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  • Polson


    601 1st Street East Polson, MT 59860 Phone: (406) 319-2314 Fax: (406) 319-2315

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