Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming an Adoptive parent!

  • We look for all types of families who can provide a supportive and stable home environment for children.
  • We welcome people who are single or married.
  • We welcome parents who have already raised their children or are still have children in the home or people who have never parented.
  • We welcome parents who are gay, straight, lesbian or bi-sexual.
  • Many people feel called to foster parenting by way of their spiritual beliefs—welcome!

Partnership for Children is a private non-profit organization that provides support and guidance for families interested in fostering children with the end goal of adoption. Some children need a safe, temporary foster home; however, often children who come into the care of Partnership for Children will need an adoptive family.

Through circumstances beyond their control, there are a staggering number of Montana children waiting for placement in a stable foster or permanent home.  Currently there are 2283 children in foster care in Montana and 60 of these youth are waiting for adoptive families.  Please visit our Waiting Children page to read updated profiles of children referred to Partnership for Children.

Partnership for Children supports foster and adoptive families with on-going support services in the home and 24- hour crisis availability. Our relational developmental treatment approach is based on the belief that healing and growth for children grows out of safe, trusting adult/child relationships.


The Matching Process

As we continue to develop a relationship with our licensed Therapeutic Foster Families, the matching process will begin by identifying the qualities, hopes and desires of the child waiting to be adopted, and the qualities, hopes and desires of the licensed foster family. Partnership for Children works to make the best possible match between a child and family. This process takes time, but is essential in assuring a successful, lasting adoption.  If you are interested in learning more about adoption with Partnership for Children please read: Steps to Take.

Once we have found a suitable match, the child will join your family in a foster care placement, as it is required that a child live in a foster home a minimum of six months before the legal finalization of the adoption. During that time, a trained Partnership for Children staff will work closely with your family to support and deepen the relationship between you and your new family member.


“I just wanted to let everyone know that we went before the Judge this morning and completed the first chapter of our life journey with our son. The adoption is complete and we couldn’t be more happy. We are all completely ecstatic. Our son was SO very jumpy and excited for the last couple of days that he could hardly stand still. We are so much in love with him and are so thankful for the enrichment he brings to our lives. We want to THANK all of you for helping bring him to us. Please let the staff members know we appreciate everything that you have done for him and for us as a family.”  – K.C. (2015)