Foster Care

Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent!

  • We look for all types of families who can provide a supportive and stable home environment for children.
  • We welcome people who are single or married.
  • We welcome parents who have already raised their children or are still have children in the home or people who have never parented.
  • We welcome parents who are gay, straight, lesbian or bi-sexual.
  • Many people feel called to foster parenting by way of their spiritual beliefs—welcome!

A disproportionate number of children of color enter the Montana child welfare system, and we provide culturally-appropriate services for these children. We also look for families who, when appropriate, will step up to offer a permanent home to a youth through adoption or by becoming their legal guardian.

The Need

There are more children in need a foster family than families available. This disparity increases every year. Children in our care come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Many have experienced abuse, neglect, trauma or loss that negatively impacts their ability to trust or form healthy relationships with adults. By becoming a foster parent, you can create a sense of security, connection, and belonging for a child.