Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be a perfect parent to foster a child?

No one is a perfect parent!  We are looking for parents and families who have room in their lives for “another one to love.”  Children need nurturing, safety and predictability.  Just like any of us, the children benefit from patience, understanding, fun, and most of all, from a sense of hope and belonging.

2. Who are these waiting children?

Some children need a temporary home while their family of origin works on stabilizing their own lives, and many children need a permanent place to call home.  Partnership for Children works with children, ages infant to 14.  Most of these children have experienced significant trauma in their early years, including abuse and neglect.

3. What kinds of families are accepted as licensed foster families?

All kinds!  We welcome people who are single or married.  We welcome parents who have already raised their children or are still have children in the home or people who have never parented.  We welcome parents who are gay, straight, lesbian or bi-sexual.  Many people feel called to foster parenting by way of their spiritual beliefs—welcome!  We are looking for people who can offer a stable, safe, caring home; that’s the kind of family we accept.

4. Will the child’s family still be in contact with our family and our foster child?

Sometimes a child’s parent or siblings will still be involved in the life of the child.  We support whatever is best for a child.  If a child can live in a safe, caring family and still maintain healthy ties with biological family members, this will most likely benefit the child.


5. Is the process to become a foster family difficult?

Our application process follows State of Montana regulations for licensing foster families, including a Home Study that ensures the children will be in a stable and safe environment.  If a family opts to become licensed through Partnership for Children, they will be licensed as a therapeutic foster family which involves additional training hours provided by Partnership for Children.

6. Is there any financial help?

Foster children are provided health insurance through Medicaid.  Additionally, families receive a monthly stipend to help with the costs of raising a child.  Partnership for Children can also access funds for special activities, such as art or music lessons, sports activities, or cultural experiences.


7. More questions? Call us at (406) 543-5531. We are happy to speak with you over the phone, or meet with you directly.