Steps to Take

Steps to Take:  Becoming a Therapeutic Foster Family

  1. Contact Heather Hunt to talk in person about foster care – (406) 541-3672 or
  2. Next we invite you to attend a Partnership for Children foster care training class.  
  3. After attending the training you will receive a comprehensive packet of paperwork, which will include formal applications, releases of information, and documents of health and safety. You are welcome to view this paperwork packet at anytime in your process, knowing that the information requested is in-depth and requires disclosure of personal information.
  4. The next step to becoming a foster parent includes a home study. The home study typically will consist of 3 to 5 visits.

SAMPLE timeline for a foster care license:

Informational meeting
33 hours of classroom training  (+2 months)
Complete paperwork and submit to PFC staff   (+1 month)
Home study   (+2 months)
File paperwork with the state   (+1 month)
Receive License: child placed in your home (9mos-1 yr from the initiation)