Waiting Children

Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent!

  • We look for all types of families who can provide a supportive and stable home environment for children.
  • We welcome people who are single or married.
  • We welcome parents who have already raised their children or are still have children in the home or people who have never parented.
  • We welcome parents who are gay, straight, lesbian or bi-sexual.
  • Many people feel called to foster parenting by way of their spiritual beliefs—welcome!

A disproportionate number of children of color enter the Montana child welfare system, and we provide culturally-appropriate services for these children. We also look for families who, when appropriate, will step up to offer a permanent home to a youth through adoption or by becoming their legal guardian.

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  • Sarah


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    (406) 541-3672 // hhunt@pfcmt.org

    This 11-year-old likes to do many things, but simple pleasures like painting nails or shopping with a strong attentive female role model and caregiver would delight her. Sarah loves animals, using her imagination and enjoys gymnastics. More than anything, Sarah thrives on one-on-one time where she can receive focused attention from adults.

    Sarah’s start in life has been filled with many difficult twists and turns. She needs a family who is prepared to help her feel safe and secure, knowing that she is loved regardless of whether she’s having a great day or a hard day. The best environment for Sarah will be one where she is the only child in the home. It will be important for the adults in her life to have a very unified parenting approach, creating the consistency and safe boundaries that are key to healing.

    This next year Sarah will be in the 5th grade.  At school, she has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to help her learn new material and create a space in which she can focus. It will be important for Sarah to continue in schools that offer services that help her to thrive and learn that adults can be trusted.

  • Logan



    (406) 541-3672 // hhunt@pfcmt.org

    Logan is a sporty guy! This 11-year-old 5th grader especially enjoys camping trips and boating when given the chance. He’s also a fan of other outdoor activities like bike riding and swimming.

    When it’s time to be inside, you’ll find him enjoying reading and Legos. Those close to Logan have described him as affectionate, resilient and extroverted.

    ​At school, Logan has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to help him navigate the academic and social components involved in learning. The ability to continue receiving focused attention from educators will be important for him. Logan longs for a family and would especially benefit from having a strong male role model. He is very protective of and good with younger kids, but would most likely do best as an only child or with older siblings. Logan’s past has been incredibly difficult and he needs a family who will journey alongside him with strong, healthy boundaries, understanding and affirmation.

  • Ricky



    (406) 541-3672 // hhunt@pfcmt.org

    Eleven-year-old Ricky has a gift for creating – whether drawing or painting, this young man brings pages to life!

    His creativity extends beyond the page though. Just watch as he expertly constructs architectural wonders with his Legos. Ricky’s also got a sporty side and is a diehard fan of the Denver Broncos. If you were to ask him to choose a restaurant, the answer is a cinch. McDonalds! And this guy will never, ever turn you down for a bowl of ice cream… a plus on any day.

    Ricky is extremely bright. He is a wonderful reader and grasps new concepts quickly at school. He has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) designed to guide him through the many components of the classroom: social, academic, emotional, etc.

    For many years, Ricky didn’t get the attention or affection he deserves. As such, he needs a family who is ready to unconditionally pour both out on him now. He will do best in a family where he is the only child at home, so he can be free of any sense of competition for that attention. Ricky does have a younger brother and it will be important for his family to help him maintain their connection in the years to come.

  • Destiny & Dylan

    Destiny & Dylan


    (406) 541-3672 // hhunt@pfcmt.org

    Dylan is a very energetic and outgoing child! He likes outdoor activities, playgrounds, fishing, hiking, and he can also enjoy board games, coloring, drawing, and crafts.  He enjoys making things out of paper, cardboard, and other art supplies. Dylan would like a forever home where he can have the opportunity to play organized sports like basketball and soccer, regardless of his ability. Dylan would do well in a household that can provide appropriate boundaries, but is flexible and calm.

    Destiny says an ideal night with her new family would be a stay-at-home spa treatment they have together!  She is friendly and outgoing and will require a family that is willing to let her explore her pre-adolescent whims and desires, but has sufficient boundaries on these desires to ensure her safety.  The best way to connect with Destiny is during a walk or a game of catch. She is articulate, bright and absolutely loves taking care of animals. When asked about her priorities, she would like a family that lets her wear a “little bit of makeup” and clothes that she wants that are mutually agreed on to be appropriate.  She loves beauty products like face masks and nail polish.

Thank you for your interest in helping a local child in need.

Please contact us to learn more about Montana children waiting for safe homes.