Waiting Children

Imaginative: Age 10

This young lady is bursting at the seams with joy, love of life, and a truly astounding imagination. She cares so much for her siblings and family but needs an adult to guide her to be a big sister and not a care giver. This young girl loves to help around the house and will spend as much time as she can in the kitchen, either making delicious baked desserts or doing some sort of scientific experiment. This child, like all children, wants to be loved feel special, and mostly have someone appreciate her ”sparkle”. Her imaginary worlds include a paper door on her wall that she can “travel” through, computers and cell phones made of cardboard and aluminum foil, and an invisible unicorn she got for her birthday that lives in the backyard that we haven’t quite been able to catch.

Compassionate: Age 8

This young boy is an explosion of energy, love, and play. He is a very empathetic individual leading with compassion towards his peer’s struggles, and for himself when fighting his own battles. He is currently feeling lost and lonely when thinking about his future and needs support when he is feeling angry or fearful. He cannot wait to give and receive hugs, sprint across the room to leap into your arms, and I’m sure his feet would never touch the ground if he got as many “piggy-back-rides” as he requests. The most important thing he will need from a family will be respect and patience for his way of communicating and some extra support at school with his learning style. This little boy is full of love for life and can’t wait to share it with all those around him.

Gleeful: Age 7

This 7 year old boy has been residing in a Therapeutic Children’s Group Home for nearly a year and a half and is now ready to experience a permanent family. He is easy to like, very huggable, sometimes wants to be cuddled, and likes blankets for soothing. He likes to be close to adults and craves attention. He laughs easily and has a winning smile. His strong imagination and creativity are demonstrated through his love of play. He enjoys getting dirty, playing in the water, singing, dancing and is absolutely gleeful at times. He also likes to eat and isn’t a picky eater, but he is sensitive to sugar. It is wonderful how he wants to be helpful and happily does his chores around the house. He cares about other’s feelings and can be very empathetic. This little guy thrives on rewards and positive feedback for positive behaviors, and immediate consequences for behaviors that need redirecting. He is ready for a family with energy, patience, and structure. He is learning to trust grown-ups and needs a great deal of consistency in this area. A mom and dad, and no younger siblings or older brothers would be the best fit for this young boy.

Big Hearted: Age 10

This boy is slight in build and filled with a big heart. He greatly desires to be liked. He feels emotions very deeply and has a smile that will melt your heart. He loves hugs and being picked up and carried. He also enjoys curling up with a blanket and a book or watching movies. Biking is one of his passions which he will engage in for long periods of time if given the opportunity. His favorite toys tend to be cars or trucks whether they are remote controlled or not. This young boy will do his best in a family with a mom and dad and much older siblings, or no siblings. He will require a family with energy and patience, who are willing to redirect his behaviors and provide structure and consistence. He needs to learn that there are adults who can be trusted to care for him; he will continue to heal from his difficult past with a strong, committed family.