How We Support You

How we support you

Partnership for Children works intensively with therapeutic foster families to support the building of a family around the child. We provide training that encourages healthy communication, relationshipgrandfather and grandson with cloud building, and attuning to the developmental needs of the child in your care. Our support includes weekly visits from a Treatment Coordinator, support from Respite Care Providers and an array of additional community services. We help you adjust to the developmental needs of the child in your care, increasing the child’s ability to accept care and nurturing.

We provide:
• a monthly financial stipend,
in-home support,
on-going training,
crisis support,
respite care,
parent support group, and
• health care coverage for the child.

As families reorganize around their new child and gain new competencies as foster parents, there becomes less need for facilitation by Partnership for Children. Partnership for Children slowly decreases involvement and allows the family to enter into the final stages of bonding.