Licensing Requirements

Foster Home Licensing Requirements

DPHHS State of Montana

Division of Child and Family Services

Foster parents must:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • be physically, mentally and emotionally competent to care for children;
  • like and understand children;
  • be in good general health,
  • be able to demonstrate sufficient resources to meet the needs of their existing family without relying on the foster care reimbursement;
  • comply with the state laws including those relating to the possession or use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and firearms;
  • have lived together for at least 24 months unless an exception is granted by a department regional administrator.

No Applicant shall be newly licensed if any one of the following occurred within 12 months prior to their application:

  • death of a spouse or a child in your family;
  • marital separation or divorce;
  • adoption of a child who had not been living with you for at least six months prior to the adoption;
  • birth of a child or children;
  • loss of employment.