Rosemary Gallagher Children’s Home

Gallegher Children's Home

2823 S. Third Street West  |  Missoula, MT 59804     (406)  829-3499

The Rosemary Gallagher Children’s Home is a therapeutic home for young children, ages four to 14, who have experienced significant early childhood trauma—abuse, neglect, exposure to family violence, multiple placements outside of their birth families and/or homelessness.

We offer relationship-based care, providing healing through a relational/development approach that emphasizes the building of healthy relationships through safety, predictability and consistency.

Families are involved in treatment as appropriate, and recruitment of kinship or foster/adoptive families for those children whose families are no longer involved.

Emphasis is placed on helping children feel safe, build healthy relationships, develop trust in the care and control of safe adults, learn regulation skills, and cultivate a healthy sense of self.

 Our Approach

  • View children’s “maladaptive” behavior as an important historical tool for keeping them safe in traumatic situations.
  • Address the feelings beneath the behaviors.
  • Focus on building healthy relationships with safe adults.
  • Provide a safe, predictable home.
  • Build regulation skills through co-regulation with counselors, and through movement and mindfulness activities.
  • Offer group, family and individual therapy to each child by a masters level clinician within each home.
  • Work with families through family therapy, parent training, and parent mutual aid groups.
  • Support the child as they attend neighborhood public schools, and work with the schools to increase academic achievement.
  • Coordinate with the child’s team of family members and community professionals.
  • Provide opportunities for creativity, play, fun and community engagement.
  • Be culturally competent and focus on cultural identity development through exposure to child’s own and others’ cultures through education, community events and experience.
  • Committed, well-trained, and skilled direct care counselors and support staff who provide care and safety to the children.
  • The Director of Operations is a Masters Level social worker; the Clinical Lead is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a PhD in Psychology.
  • A 1:3 staff to youth ratio and 24 hour awake supervision and support.
  • Supported by the collaborative ownership and guidance of Intermountain and Youth Homes, Inc.

The Rosemary Gallagher Children’s Home Staff:

Director of Operations:  Barb Cowan