In-Kind Gifts

Many opportunities exist to impact the life of a Partnership for Children child.  We appreciate all types of in-kind donations which enhance the quality experiences children receive while in our care.

Ideas for giving:

  • purchasing birthday/holiday gifts
  • providing tutoring
  • providing lessons (piano, ice skating, etc.)
  • sponsoring an extra-curricular activity
  • sponsoring a field trip for a child or a foster family
  • mentoring
  • conducting a class/workshop/training
  • providing services for Partnership for Children (pediatricians, dentists, and/or eye care professionals can donate services)

Current Needs:

We always updating our current needs list. Please contact us today to learn of our current needs. Thank you!

Ongoing Needs:

We always have a need for children’s books, board games and or other group games. Art supplies  are also very useful (construction paper, paints, brushes) as are backpacks, coats, gloves, hats, etc.