Treatment Coordinator

What is the role of the Treatment Coordinator?

The Treatment Coordinator’s main goal in working with a family in their home is to strengthen the parent/child relationship, and to help the parent address the underlying needs expressed through oftentimes difficult behavior. Many times, children who experience abuse or neglect do not have the opportunity to reach developmental levels equal to their chronological age. The Treatment Coordinator helps the parent react to the developmental age of the child, (i.e., when an eight year old is tantruming like a two year old) thus helping the parent attune with the child and begin the child’s process of learning to co-regulate with a caretaker. As time progresses, the child begins to tuck those missing developmental blocks back in where they belong. Treatment Coordinators also help parents provide structure and predictability in their day to day routines which provides the child with a sense of safety.
Treatment Coordinators serve as advocate for the child and family, as a guide through crisis (available 24 hours/day), and directing the coordination of quarterly meetings among community team members, such as the child’s case manager or Child and Family case worker.

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